Efficient stump removal for clear, open spaces

At Castor Tree Service and Landscaping, we specialize in efficient stump removal through the most effective method—stump grinding. Our self-propelled industrial stump grinders are engineered for swift, precise, and convenient grinding. With carbide-tipped teeth, they effortlessly eliminate stumps of any size, easily navigating through narrow 36-inch gates and even climbing stairs. Stump accessibility and removal challenges are virtually nonexistent!

Castor Tree Service and Landscaping offers two stump grinding options to suit your needs:

  1. Economy Stump Grinding: This option pulverizes the tree stump, transforming it into wood chips. All wood chips remain on-site, making it a cost-effective solution.
  2. Premium Stump Grinding: For a more comprehensive approach, our Premium Stump Grinding service takes it a step further. Not only is the stump obliterated, but we also remove the resulting wood chips from your property. We then backfill the stump hole with nutrient-rich landscape soil and grade it, creating an ideal surface for planting turf grass or landscape ornamentals. This premium service ensures a clean and pristine finish for your outdoor space.

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