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Welcome to Castor Tree Service and Landscaping


At Castor Tree Service and Landscaping, we approach every client’s need with the highest level of professionalism, and we treat every tree as if it were our own. Whether you want tree maintenance conducted regularly or you need to have one removed from your property, our services are efficient and affordable. At Castor Tree Service and Landscaping, we are proud of the good reputation we have built around our tree care services. We appreciate our many loyal customers and clients who have spread the word about our affordable and professional tree removal and maintenance services. Our mission is to be able to offer the residents of Atlanta the best tree care services available, at reasonable prices.

Welcome to Castor Tree Service and Landscaping

You have come to the right place for expert Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Friendly Service! At Castor Tree Service and Landscaping, we proudly provide Metro Atlanta with safe, affordable and efficient tree service.

Our goal is to safely solve your tree problem, while exceeding your expectations and meeting your budget. Whether it's a deadly tree threatening your home or an unsightly stump in the front yard, we are here to serve you.


Since the beginning, we have chosen to offer only excellent service.  We firmly believe that good reputation and character must always outweigh our earnings. You can count on us to return your phone calls, arrive promptly for appointments and to leave your property looking great!




At CTSL we have the expertise, equipment and staff to handle any tree removal job. 


We remove trees using a crane, bucket truck or climbers as appropriate. Our Raleigh based tree removal professionals have the training to work around hazards and obstacles. Whether your tree is situated near a high voltage power line or precariously leaning over a swimming pool, fence, or home; we can help.

Our tree removal experts have the knowledge & experience to help you decide when tree removal is necessary, then design the best plan to make it happen.  Contact us today for a tree removal consultation.



Healthy trees add value and beauty to any property.  At CTSL we believe tree trimming is an excellent step towards prolonging  your trees' safe and healthy life. There are various reasons for Atlanta tree trimming. Some reasons are: the removal of dead wood and unhealthy branches (target pruning); removing limbs that may threaten your home, cars, or other valuables; and raising limb canopy to provide increased sunlight to plantings.

CTSL offers multiple forms of tree trimming.  Many trees can be accessed by bucket truck.  In other instances, a climber may need to access your tree via rope.


Please note that we never use climbing spikes on a tree during the tree trimming process, as it could lead to the serious decline or even the death of your tree.



At CTSL we have the equipment and manpower to remove your stumps using the best form of tree stump removal, stump grinding. We use self-propelled industrial stump grinders, which allow us to grind quickly, effectively and conveniently. Our machines have carbide-tipped teeth that demolish any size stump. They are built to fit through tiny 36-inch gates and even climb stairs. Stump access and removal are rarely a problem!

 offers two stump grinding options—Economy Stump Grinding and Premium Stump Grinding.

With Economy Stump Grinding your tree stump is demolished (turned into wood chips), and all the wood chips remain where they fall. Our Premium Stump Grinding goes several steps farther—not only is the stump demolished, it is erased! The stump’s wood chips are removed from your property and the stump hole is backfilled with enriched landscape soil and then graded. This provides an ideal surface for planting turf grass or landscape ornamentals.


Whether you are looking to improve and expand your existing landscape or want a completely new landscaping design, we have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done. Our highly trained staff will work with you every step of the way to produce the perfect look you desire. You can choose from a variety of building materials such as rock, patio pavers, edgers, concrete, retaining walls, mulch, wood and much more to create the custom design of your dreams. In addition, we help you select plants and shrubs that grow well and flourish in our climate. Our experienced crew will create, design and install custom landscaping around your entire property. From retaining walls to planting shrubs and sod, we will make your home stand out in the neighborhood!


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